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COM4t : Original Free Font 2003. Designed by Hideki Katayama.

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このフリーフォント・ファミリアン エルダーはFUKUTAYOのともやさんとsoupのかずみんさんが運営しているoh yeah backers. photographのイベントのために作成したフォントです。イベントはコチラ。Obliqueもございます。一括してダウンロードできます。


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Thank you for sharing your work, it's beautiful! I'm going to give the fonts a try.
Posted by paul at 07/03/07/ 02:01
to paul

Thank you for having a font downloaded. Please try by all means!
Posted by KATAYAMAC at 07/03/07/ 11:49
I love the design of this site. Com4t is my favourite font. Keep up the good work!
Posted by ashtar at 07/03/12/ 16:19
to ashtar

Thanks! Making a font is continued from now on. Moreover, please come!
Posted by KATAYAMAC at 07/03/12/ 20:08
Using this font for a website and yes it's very nice!
Posted by Eric at 07/12/14/ 02:42
to Eric

Thank you for having a font downloaded. Please try by all means!
Posted by KATAYAMAC at 07/12/18/ 11:57
Ya are so awesome!I love this site, and your fonts as well. Thanks for your effort. I bet people will appreciate it.
Posted by Ymmas at 08/03/10/ 08:27
to Ymmas

Thank you!!! It is very glad!

A new free font is being made.
Accuracy is improved more by effort.
Please expect it.
Posted by KATAYAMAC at 08/03/11/ 03:52
Very very very thanks, it´s a really present to all of us.
This types are a really nice work.
Posted by Nando at 08/07/21/ 09:32
to Nando

To download the font, Thank you!
Please, please use!
Posted by KATAYAMAC at 08/07/23/ 07:14
Thank you for your wonderful font!
Posted by laurel at 09/11/19/ 12:59
to laurel

Good Comment Thanks! Please use this font!
Posted by KATAYAMAC at 09/11/21/ 00:35
very nice and elegant font!!!

where i could buy a license for this font? maybe I will use it for a logo design!
Posted by jkkk at 09/11/29/ 05:57
to jkkk

Good Comments Thanks!

You may not buy the license.
Please use freely!

I want to see the logo design when completing it!
Posted by KATAYAMAC at 09/11/29/ 07:31
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